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As part of the course for this week we updated our resumes. I have attached mine to this post for further review. Resume.JamieSlaughter.2014 I hope you enjoy!   Jamie L. Slaughter Advertisements

Learning Organization

For my Master’s of Science program, one assignment was to conduct an interview with my manager and create a PowerPoint presentation reagarding it. As a fast growing, financial planning company, the organization is certainly a learning organization. However, there is always room to enhance communication and the sharing of knowledge in any organization. MSM 620 […]

Graphic Displays Used in Financial Planning

Jamie Slaughter Assignment 10.3 Graphic Displays used in Financial Planning Abstract In Week 10 we read about graphic displays and their importance in research and especially used in trying to communicating data from various research studies. Graphic displays can help paint a picture to depict numbers in a way that words and numerical values simply […]

Business Plan

It has always been a dream of mine to open a business. The business plan assignment made me truly think about what that would look like…             Jamie Slaughter Slaughter Financial Advisory Business Plan       Executive Summary Slaughter Financial Advisory is a new firm that will offer fee-only […]